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Tajima Wagyu

Tajima Wagyu

Andrews Meat Industries started producing Tajima Wagyu in 2007.  Tajima cattle are raised on pastures in the cooler, more temperate climates of NSW, South Australia and Victoria, then brought into an exclusive Wagyu feeding operation where they are fed 3 different specialised rations for a minimum of 350 days, closely monitored by a nutritionist to ensure optimum vitamins and minerals are provided and the animals’ exact needs are met.

Winner of the 2017 title of “Grand Champion Wagyu Brand” at the Australian Wagyu Association Branded Beef competition against a field of 19 other Wagyu brands, judges described Tajima Wagyu as “Extremely tender, yet still firm to the palate … juicy, silky, enduring flavour … THE WORKS!” 

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