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Resort Supplies

Prestige Resort Supplies

As our name suggests, we started out supplying food to our Resort clients. Many years ago, a client asked if we could source Market Umbrellas and we said “of course we can”! A whole new side of our business was born and the Non-Food products we have supplied since that time are too varied and numerous to mention. We now have a vast network of Non-Food suppliers, covering anything and everything you could possibly think of to help your Resort function seamlessly and provide unique experiences for your guests. If we don’t have a current supplier for a product you need, our dedicated Non-Food team will find one!

Over the years, we have worked with Resorts from pre-opening to opening and beyond, providing whatever is required (including kitchen equipment, tennis courts, golf carts, housekeeping provisions, spa items, you name it!) to set up, operate and maintain top-end enterprises.

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Here's a snapshot of what we can provide:

  • Kitchen Utensils and Equipment

  • Glassware, Crockery and Cutlery

  • Sporting, Beach and Leisure Equipment

  • Kids Club Toys and Games

  • Tennis Courts and Swimming Pools

  • Day Spa Amenities

  • Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

  • Staff Uniforms and Leisure clothing

  • Gardening Supplies including Plant Seeds

  • Building Equipment and Materials

  • Engineering, Lighting and Spare Parts

  • Office, Printing and Paper Supplies

  • Medical Equipment and Supplies Including AED machines

  • Laundry and Cleaning Supplies

  • Guest Room Amenities

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