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At Prestige, it is all about relationships, quality and service. We take great pride in the high level of service we are able to provide due to the exceptional relationships we have built with our suppliers, logistics partners and clients.

Our longstanding partnerships allow us to source and export the best quality produce – including meat, seafood, fruit & vegetables, dairy, dry goods, and a vast array of hospitality items, from Australia or throughout the world. If you need it and it’s possible to get it, we will provide it!

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Prestige Foods International

A premium exporter of food, beverages, agricultural and hospitality-related products to luxury resorts in the Maldives and across the Indian Ocean.

We work with our clients to support their development of innovative menus and source top-quality ingredients to ensure the best possible culinary experiences for their guests as a vital component of their tropical island holidays. The only limit is our combined inspiration and imagination!

Prestige Resort Supplies

As our name suggests, we started out supplying food to our Resort clients. Many years ago, a client asked if we could source Market Umbrellas and we said “of course we can”! A whole new side of our business was born and the Non-Food products we have supplied since that time are too varied and numerous to mention. We now have a vast network of Non-Food suppliers, covering anything and everything you could possibly think of to help your Resort function seamlessly and provide unique experiences for your guests. If we don’t have a current supplier for a product you need, our dedicated Non-Food team will find one!

Over the years, we have worked with Resorts from pre-opening to opening and beyond, providing whatever is required (including kitchen equipment, tennis courts, golf carts, housekeeping provisions, spa items, you name it!) to set up, operate and maintain top-end enterprises.

Prestige Foods Australia

We are proud to be able to say that Prestige Foods Australia were the first manufacturer of All-Natural Stocks and Sauces in Australia. Since that time, our exceptional R&D and technical team has continued to innovate and develop our ever-expanding range of top-quality Stocks, Sauces, Bone Broths, Cooked Grains & Pulses, and Soups, with further exciting products always on the horizon.

Our focus at Prestige Foods Australia has been in assisting with the creation of culinary experiences, by developing products for the food service, retail and food manufacturing industries. We truly believe that providing a quality foundation and finish to a dish brings a culinary experience to life!


Our strength at Prestige has always been our commitment to a high level of quality and service, via the dedication of our team and solid relationships with our suppliers, logistics partners and clients.

Our story started when two young blokes got together in the early 80’s to export Australian meat and dairy products into what was then the Soviet Union. From that small beginning, the company grew to be the largest Australian exporter of butter and mutton at the time.

With changing times (and no more Soviet Union) the focus of the business changed from commodities to specialties and from the cold of Eastern Europe to the sun-filled islands of the Indian Ocean.

In 1996, Prestige became the first Australian company to export food and hotel items into the burgeoning luxury Maldives Resort Market. 25 years on and we remain the largest and most successful exporter of Australian products to the Maldives.


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Josh Stenson

Export Business Manager

David Doty

Senior Account Manager

Michelle Bustin

Senior Account Manager

Chris Downes

Account Manager

Grace Hayward

Marketing Coordinator

Josh Munro

Export Sales Manager - Non-Food

Karen Ng

Non-Food Coordinator

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