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Jewels from the Sea …

Our exceptional long-term fishmonger (Clamms/Yabby Blue) have over 100 years of industry experience and knowledge to call upon. Before sunrise each morning, with genuine passion, they select and carefully pack the finest seasonal fish, shellfish & crustaceans (fresh & farmed) plucked from our pristine waters, as well as providing expert advice from the frontline of the Australian seafood industry to inspire your menus.

Chilled or frozen, all of our seafood is fully-documented and certified in line with strict Australian and relevant importing countries’ regulations, so there is no doubt about the quality and authenticity of our product … only the best of the best is good enough!

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Here is a snapshot of the fresh seafood we provide on a daily basis:

Farmed Atlantic Salmon Sashimi Grade

Farmed Ocean Trout Sashimi Grade

Farmed Yellow Tail King Fish Sashimi Grade

Smoked Salmon

Farmed Barramundi

Angasi Oysters

Coffin Bay Oysters

Pacific Rock Oysters

Smoky Bay Oysters