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Prestige Foods Australia – Stocks, Sauces, Grains and Pulses.

Stocks, Sauces, Cooked Grains & Pulses & more …

Prestige Foods International’s sister company is Australia’s original and leading All-Natural Stock manufacturer. Since 1990, Prestige Foods Australia has been creating the foundation and finish to extraordinary culinary experiences. Over the years, our exceptional technical and R&D team have continued to innovate and develop our ever-expanding range of Stocks, Sauces, Bone Broths, Cooked Grains & Pulses, Soups, and more.

Creating all-natural, consistent, time-saving solutions for busy, high end kitchens locally and abroad, we use traditional cooking methods and only the highest quality ingredients.

Features and Benefits


Our bones come from a network of trusted Australian & New Zealand Farmers raising their animals free from added hormones and antibiotics.


We use extended traditional simmering methods at low temperatures, which allows for a natural extraction and reduction.


Our People define us -we have a passionate and skilled team who love creating the best products, day in, day out.

Prestige Foods Australia's Premium Frozen Stocks

  • Premium Veal Stock

  • Premium Beef Stock

  • Premium Chicken Stock

  • Premium Vegetable Stock

  • Premium Lamb Stock

Grains and Pulses


Red Kidney Beans

Green Lentils


Stocks Matter Shelf Stable Products

In 2019, Prestige Foods Australia developed a new range of premium stocks and sauces to suit the busy chef who won’t comprise on quality but truly values time.

Stocks Matter products are supplied in one-kilogram shelf stable pouches that have been naturally reduced by three times for your convenience. These are traditional chef-quality Stocks that are always full of flavour, consistent, and wholly natural.

Premium Shelf Stable Stocks & Sauces

Premium Chicken Stock

Premium Veal Stock

Premium Vegetable Stock

Premium Beef Stock

Prestige Foods Australia's Premium Sauce Range

  • Premium Brown Sauce

  • Premium Beef Jus

  • Premium Lobster American Sauce

  • Premium Mushroom Sauce

  • Premium Peppercorn Sauce

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