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Roaring Forties Lamb

The Bass Strait is a ferocious stretch of ocean which connects the rest of Australia to Tasmania. The wild winds in this channel create powerful, raw and untameable storm waves. It is this stretch of sea that is known as the Roaring Forties.

The land closest to this wild stretch of ocean is home to some the finest Lamb producers in Australia. The air that blows over these pastures is some of the cleanest and purified in the world, creating lush grass that grows all year round. 

These lush pastures nourish European and British breeds of Lamb that are renowned for delicacy and a truly special flavour of meat.

All of the Roaring Forties Lamb is sourced from Southern Victoria & Tasmania. They are all Free Range, Grass Fed  and free from added Hormones. The Lambs are selected and graded against 9 separate, stringent criteria. It is truly one of the most rigorous grading schemes for lamb in the world, and results in unparalleled consistency and quality.
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