Food, fabulous food

It would be quicker and easier to say what we don’t supply – nothing!

You want it – we’ll get it either from Australia or the rest of the world. We work with Resort Chefs to develop new recipes and source top quality ingredients to ensure resort guests enjoy culinary adventures as part of their tropical island holidays. We are only limited by the imagination of our clients! We export to the Maldives everyday (and other destinations frequently).


Our extensive network of producers means we can provide fresh food and fast including:
– Australian Beef, especially Angus and Grass Fed
– Australian Wagyu
– Australian and Exotic Seafood and Fish
– Australian Spring Lamb
– Chicken & Turkey
– Game – Venison, Pigeon, Crocodile, Goose, Pheasants & more
– Prestige All Natural Australian Stocks and Sauces
– Smallgoods
– Seasonal Fruit, Salad and Vegetables
– Dry Foods – including Sea Freight Container loads of Flour, Salt, Pasta, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Sugar & other long shelf-life foods
– Beverages – Juice, Soft Drinks & Health Drinks.
– Dairy products – Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Ice-cream and Cheese from Europe and Australia.
– Free Range Eggs
– Snack foods
– Sweets and Chocolate
– Festive & Special Event Foods – Christmas, Easter, Eid, Chinese New Year, Weddings & more
– Mini Bar Items
– Breakfast Buffet items.

Kosher, Halal, Organic, Gluten Free and other specific dietary foods can be supplied to meet special requests.

We can export food ingredients to meet restaurant offerings with the following cuisines:

Chinese – Cantonese, Sichuan, Fujian, Hunan etc
Italian & more…

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